Darn you crappy immune system…

It is so aggravating…  In Texas if you don’t have central air or at least window AC units you’re gonna die of heat stroke or simply melt into a pile of goo for someone else to clean up.  And while the humidity down here is great for my skin… my lungs are revolting.

Summer colds are the worst.  I didn’t know if I was too hot or too cold yesterday… probably feverish, no clue since my thermometer broke.  All I know is I have cement in my sinuses, sandpaper for a throat and a barking cough that rivals angry seals.  And today starts the stuffy/ runny nose and stuffy ears.

Last night as I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable I got a bad case of the all over body aches.  And most of that pain was in my legs and back. (No surprise there since my back was killing me all last week just from reaching to get the hand towel after washing my hands.)   But I digress…  I had to get up several times because my foggy brain and weak bladder will not let me sleep peacefully.  I took OTC cough and congestion medicine… then after lying down for a few minutes had to get back up cuz I forgot to use my inhaler.  Laid back down for a few more minutes started hacking my lungs out, so I got up to get a bottle of water.  Then I heard Zakk, the 3 month old shepherd puppy whining to go out… and Ryan couldn’t sleep without music and couldn’t find his mp3 player…

So I let the boy borrow my iPod, went and grabbed Zakkman and me and little dude sat on porch at 11:30 pm.  He did his thing and I smoked one of momma’s menthol dorals… beggars can’t be choosy, I needed a menthol.  And before any of you tell me how smoking when you’re sick is the absolute worst thing to do… I can tell you that’s what made it so I could finally pass out and sleep almost uninterrupted the rest of the night.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I need to quit smoking yet again.  I have a quit date already in mind and its been set for the last couple of months.  When I make a promise I do my very utmost best to follow through with it, and I promised I would quit so I will.

But I will not have the luxury of using the ecig to do so, since that’s why I got sick this time.  I was out of smokes on Monday.  Used the hell out of my ecig to try and get relief of the nicotine withdrawals… and voila!  Bronchitis.

Let me tell ya… its hell getting older.  I hit the big 37 this year, and if you were to ask me how old I feel… today I would tell you “Not a day over 500”  😀

Have an awesome day everyone!


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