Due to technological difficulties, I was forced to cease and desist almost all of my internet activities for a few months.  Nao, thanks to my wonderful partner in life Rev, I have my own laptop with which to begin annoying the cyber world again!  HOORAY!

I am still smoking… but not filtered cigars anymore.  They were killing my lungs hardcore.  Nao I am just smoking regular cigarettes, but a lot less than I was.  Nao its 6 packs a week instead of an entire carton.  I will take this small victory.

I am not going to write a highly intensive blog today, as I am still trying to get used to Windows 8 and getting my computer set up just the way I need it. Still have many programs left to install, and of course my extensive music collection.  I just wanted to let you know I’m still around, still blogging and all that.

Take care all.


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